This totally depends on personal preference and how you use your property. If you’re a “skiing” family, and don’t visit as much in the summer, then you may prefer the Canyon Lodge/Village/Eagle Run area. However, if you visit year-round, and love summers, then you may want to opt for something quieter and in a more nature-centric meadow-setting, like Snowcreek.

ALL AREAS OF TOWN RENT OUT WELL if the property is updated and nicely furnished. (This is always asked!) Properties by the Canyon Lodge area rent really well in winter, and maybe less in Summer. Meadow properties, and properties further from the slopes may rent a bit better in summer, but maybe not as well in the winter. The Village area rents well all year long, and is probably the hottest area for rental-requests, but you’ll also pay a premium for a property in this area.

Rentability-aside, many buyers request to be in areas from where they are able to walk to shops and restaurants. If this is the case, then perhaps an “in-town” location might be best. And, remember, buses run regularly, year-round, to most areas of town. When trying to figure out what area you should purchase in, I would first decide what Mammoth offers that is MOST important to you and your family. This will naturally direct you into the most suitable