In Mammoth, the most differentiating factor between the two is nightly rental allowance; for the most part, condo-projects are located in areas zoned FOR nightly rental allowance, while homes are not. (To be clear, most single family homes are NOT able to be rented out on a nightly basis.) Some other things to think about when deciding between the two, is yearly maintenance. The elevation and mountain-weather takes a toll on properties here. Roofing, siding, windows, leaks, ice-dams, snow removal, etc. These are all things that need addressing on a yearly basis. So, while some clients can’t fathom paying such high condo-HOA fees every month, this sort of upkeep is all covered by the HOA, so there won’t be much out-of-pocket maintenance-costs. In regards to single family home maintenance, you’ll have to find contractors and arrange for this upkeep yourself, and/or have a property manager that helps in this regard. Many condo-complexes have amenities such as a pool, hot-tub, sauna, tennis courts, etc., that are especially nice for young kids and visiting families. Single family homes tend be quieter, you’ll have more anonymity, and you won’t be sharing a wall with anyone. You won’t have to deal with the influx of nightly-renters, and/or other owners visiting on weekends and during busy holidays, and you won’t ever have to fight for a parking spot. SO, they both have their perks the deciding factor for most buyers usually comes down to personal preference and the importance of nightly rental allowance.