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Whether a first time home-buyer, or a saavy real-estate investor, you’ll want to start the homebuying process with an agent you can trust, who knows the market, and let’s face it…..someone you just plain like! Purchasing real-estate in Mammoth can be daunting; most property-buyers are not actually IN Mammoth during the lengthy escrow process creating more reliancy upon their agent than usual. Buying a second home, or an investment property, in a town that can receive over 50 ft of snow in a given year is a different process with different obstacles. Let me help you through this process.

1. Prequalification

If you’ll be needing financing for your purchase, you’ll want to be sure you’re prequalified before starting your property-search. Otherwise, you’ll be putting the “cart before the horse” so-to-speak. The qualification process can be tedious, but once you’re over this hurdle, and you know that amount you qualify for, the home-search process will be fun and rewarding. Nothing is worse than having your heart set on a “dream property” only to find out later that you don’t even qualify for the place!

Also VERY IMPORTANT: you’ll want to work with a lender that knows the Mammoth market. There are lots of obstacles to financing in a resort market, and many out-of-area lenders will assure a client they can provide financing on a subject property, only to find out at the 11th hour, that their underwriter can’t and won’t fund the loan. Believe me, nothing is worse than this! I can recommend a few wonderful lenders that have closed thousands of loans in Mammoth.

2. Narrowing down Your Search

What EXACTLY are you looking for? This question may seem simple, but when it comes down to it, many buyers really don’t know what they want when they start looking. Often times, it takes a day of viewing properties to figure out exactly what a client wants in a property. A few things to think about:

  • What is your price-range?
  • Would you like a single family home or condo? (Both have pros and cons you’ll want to know about)
  • What size property suits you best? (How many beds/baths are you looking for?)
  • Is rental income/nightly-rentability important to you? Such as (Air BnB/VRBO)
  • What areas of town do you like the most? Slope-side/meadow-setting/in-town/Village area/golf-course frontage/close to lift access, etc.

3. Start Looking!

This is the fun part; but it can also be quite tiring and overwhelming. For your initial viewing appointment, I think it’s best to set aside a few hours in a day and view as many properties as possible, in as many different areas and complexes in town as possible. Take notes while viewing, then later at home, or the next day, after everything has set in, you’ll have a better sense of exactly what is important to you. If you haven’t found a suitable property that checks all the boxes, it’s recommend that you are set up on an auto-email notification system that is connected to the Mammoth Lakes Multiple Listing Service. This way, you’ll be alerted every time a property within your search-parameters hits the market.

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