Condo vs. a Home. Which Should I Buy?

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In Mammoth, the most differentiating factor between the two is nightly rental allowance; for the most part, condo-projects are located in areas zoned FOR nightly rental allowance, while homes are not. (To be clear, most single family homes are NOT able to be rented out on a nightly basis.) [...]

Is it easy to cancel an escrow?

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While I don't recommend going into any escrow with cold feet, the answer is YES. The escrow period begins with a 17 day contingency/ investigation period. HOA docs are reviewed by the buyer, multiple seller disclosures are reviewed, the buyer's physical inspection takes place, the appraisal is ordered, etc. If [...]

Should I use a local lender?

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The lender doesn't have to be "local," but they need to know Mammoth's market. Resort lending comes with its own set of hurdles, and nuances and you'll want to use someone who has already dealt with these problems and has closed deals in spite of them. So while you might [...]

What does the monthly HOA fee cover? What is considered an average monthly HOA fee?

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Most commonly, the condominium monthly HOA fees (Home Owner Association's Fee) cover: exterior maintenance of the condo-project including roofing, siding, window repair/replacement, chimney cleaning, upkeep of grounds and yard-care, snow-removal, trash service, water, and amenities maintenance (including hot-tubs, pools, tennis courts, spas etc.) Oftentimes, cable and internet are bundled in [...]

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