Most commonly, the condominium monthly HOA fees (Home Owner Association’s Fee) cover: exterior maintenance of the condo-project including roofing, siding, window repair/replacement, chimney cleaning, upkeep of grounds and yard-care, snow-removal, trash service, water, and amenities maintenance (including hot-tubs, pools, tennis courts, spas etc.) Oftentimes, cable and internet are bundled in to monthly HOA fees as well, which makes for a much more affordable tech-package than

having to pay for these things individually. HOA fees in Mammoth tend to be considered “high,” compared to other areas. This is due to the elements that we live in at 8,000 feet; snow, ice, rain, sun, and wind are not easy on building structures. Snow removal alone is extremely expensive. Most HOA fees in Mammoth are $500+, even for a one bedroom.