Gillian is the kind of agent everyone dreams of having, yet never can seem to find. She’s not pushy, yet is on top of everything. Professional, Personable, Organized and Patient! I had a particularly difficult situation in which 3 properties had to close in sync. She was so efficient, even though I was 6 hours away.

All the paperwork, walk throughs and inspections were done on time. Everyone she recommended was highly rated and professional. She works with amazing people, and treats every transaction as if it was her own. From start to finish, Gillian went out of her way (way out of her way!) to help me sell one property and move to the other. I first met her when i was trying to walk to town in a sub zero snowstorm/ice. She pulled over and gave me a ride – i called every realtor when i decided to sell until i finally found her.

The only crisis was on my end. I sent a package that got caught in the UPS/USPS loop. Since it was a piece of flooring needed ASAP, it was crucial that it got to Mammoth. Unfortunately, securing that particular piece of flooring was like finding a mars rock! I finally found it and sent it to the unit i sold. Somehow it never got there and was returned to me about 4 weeks later. Sent it USPS the 2nd time and there was another issue with it! The new owners were anxious (understandably) and we couldn’t find the darn piece. Finally it showed up at the Post Office!

At the time I was dealing with a family crisis and lost my temper with her on the phone. It was totally my fault and I still cannot believe I was so rude. She was very nice and sweet. I am probably the worst client she dealt with – yet she was overly kind and professional. Truly an outstanding agent and person.

Gillian deserves more than 5 stars, as she is a rare gem in a community full of realtors!