First and foremost I must set eyes on the property to start the process of determining value. I will tour the property, and at this time, I may take some videos and/or photos to use later and to re-fresh my memory if needed. After this initial walk-through, I’ll have a face-to-face meeting, (if the sellers are in town at the time) or set up a conference call with clients to go over my thoughts on the property, ask questions, and discuss with the sellers why they feel their property is special, what’s unique about it, etc. Upon touring the property, I’ll begin the comparative market-analysis process; the process in which the subject property is measured and compared against recently-sold and listed like-properties. (As shown on the next page.) Supply and demand of the current market is evaluated, and market-appreciation and/or depreciation is taken into consideration as well. And, of course, updates, upgrades, remodeling, great views, proximity, furnishings, curb appeal etc., are all thoroughly considered. It is important for a seller to understand the pricing-process, so that they have confidence in my strategies, as this will give them the education needed to appropriately respond-to and negotiate-with, any incoming offers. (Along with my guidance, of course!) In order to get top-dollar for a property, it needs to be priced TO SELL from the get-go. If priced well, a property will sometimes receive multiple offers, therefor driving up the selling price. On the flip-side, if a property is overpriced, it will sit on the market longer, become stale, drop in value and price, and the buying-side will have much more negotiating power.