Once a listing agreement is signed, and professional photos are taken, your home will be inputted into the Mammoth Lakes Multiple Listing Service where it will become LIVE on the internet and all the listing information will be automatically delivered to such sites at Realtor.com, Zillow and Realtor’s personal websites. (Again, why good photos are so important!) When the listing goes live, it will be automatically emailed out, to potentially thousands, of interested buyers through our MLS auto-email notification system.

Every Thursday between 9-11am is our local “broker preview.” This is when all the newly listed properties are held open for the local Realtors to view. It’s very important to entice agents to see the property first-hand so I usually offer coffee and some sort of non-messy breakfast item. (If you advertise food, they WILL show up!) ;)

It is also beneficial to host open houses on busy weekends; it’s a great way to get potential buyers in to see the property and create some buzz and word-of-mouth marketing. Open houses in condo-complexes can be particularly lucrative. Many times we’ll see owner-neighbors stumble in to check the place out for a friend or a collegue that may be looking in that particular complex. (Friends buy vacation residencies nearby their friends!) Also, many nightly renters will rent at the same complex over and over again, and when they see that there’s a place for sale in that complex, they’ll jump on the opportunity!