Tell me about your pricing strategy

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First and foremost I must set eyes on the property to start the process of determining value. I will tour the property, and at this time, I may take some videos and/or photos to use later and to re-fresh my memory if needed. After this initial walk-through, I'll have [...]

Tell me about the MLS listing and Open Houses

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Once a listing agreement is signed, and professional photos are taken, your home will be inputted into the Mammoth Lakes Multiple Listing Service where it will become LIVE on the internet and all the listing information will be automatically delivered to such sites at Realtor.com, Zillow and Realtor's personal [...]

Is professional photography important?

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Yes, Yes, Yes! You should not hire a Realtor that isn’t willing to professionally photograph your home. Almost all buyers start their property search online, and it is critical that the images of your home accurately reflect and compliment the subject property. Professionally photographing your home is absolutely necessary [...]

Condo vs. a Home. Which Should I Buy?

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In Mammoth, the most differentiating factor between the two is nightly rental allowance; for the most part, condo-projects are located in areas zoned FOR nightly rental allowance, while homes are not. (To be clear, most single family homes are NOT able to be rented out on a nightly basis.) [...]

Is it easy to cancel an escrow?

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While I don't recommend going into any escrow with cold feet, the answer is YES. The escrow period begins with a 17 day contingency/ investigation period. HOA docs are reviewed by the buyer, multiple seller disclosures are reviewed, the buyer's physical inspection takes place, the appraisal is ordered, etc. If [...]

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